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JOSEPHINE – Software Technical Requirements

Your computer must be connected to the internet. For smooth participation in an online public tender using an electronic signature you need to have the web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 11.0 or higher) installed on your computer (, which you can also use for your own work.

If you are taking part in a public tender where no electronic signature is required, Mozilla Firefox (version 13.0 or higher - ( and Google Chrome ( may also be used..

The version of Java current at the time of a tender must be installed on your computer. It is necessary for the proper operation of JOSEPHINE if data has to be signed off with an electronic signature. If no electronic signature is required then Java need not be installed. Java is available at and is free to download.

Whichever browser is being used it is necessary to have javascriot allowed and cookies enabled for all types of tender. Instructions for enabling cookies can be found at You can also carry out a browser test, which can be found in the SUPPORT section at the bottom of any page in JOSEPHINE.

For public tenders where an electronic signature is required the participant must have a valid electronic signature certified in accordance with the requirements of EU regulation № 910/2014 and the relevant national legislation. Certified electronic signatures are issued by qualified service providers in each EU Member State.