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JOSEPHINE is a premium solution for the digitalisation of public procurement with a number of unique benefits. It is the only one on the market that is already tailored to suit the legislation of several EU countries and allows you to easily communicate with suppliers from different countries. It's completely intuitive, easy to use, and incudes a range of templates to speed up your work. It has been developed by PROEBIZ s.r.o., which has been engaged in the digitalisation of tenders for more than eighteen years, and whose PROEBIZ TENDERBOX eAuction system is now the most widespread in Central Europe. With JOSEPHINE you get not only a great solution for the digitalisation of public procurement, but also a strong partner and the opportunity to make use of their wide range of other products, their extensive technical knowledge and their procurement know-how.

Why choose JOSEPHINE for the digitalisation of public procurement?

A unique solution

A Unique Solution

JOSEPHINE has been adapted for the legislative needs of several EU states and has been tested by dozens of clients. In this regard it is a solution which has no comparable competition on the market.

Saving your time

Saving Your Time

With JOSEPHINE the efficiency of the whole public procurement process will be improved, errors will be dramatically reduced and you’ll save not only time, but also money.

A strong partner

A Strong Partner

JOSEPHINE was created by experts with more than eighteen years of experience and European competence. It is not the work of an inexperienced start-up, but is from a renowned company working for the largest Central European clients.



JOSEPHINE gives you the opportunity to connect with other useful PROEBIZ solutions. What’s more, you can access advice from leading specialists in digital procurement.

Integrated Procurement System - JOSEPHINE CHAIN

The interconnection of PROEBIZ information systems brings many benefits. Above all, it allows you to manage the entire procurement process from the initiation a request at any level in the organizational hierarchy, through the selection of the method of evaluation, including electronic auctions, to the delivery of the required product. Interconnection will deliver you an exceptionally high quality and comprehensive solution that will make your work easier and deliver savings in both time and money.

Integrated procurement system

Dynamic Procurement System

A bonus of working with JOSEPHINE is the option to use a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the evaluation of bids. Its aim is to achieve the highest degree of transparency. The establishment of a DPS should provide the contracting authority with a wide network of suppliers. JOSEPHINE enables the implementation of DPSs and also framework agreements in accordance with valid legislation.

36 Key Features of JOSEPHINE

  • eProcurement
  • eBidding
  • Record of candidates and their data
  • Online evaluation of submitted bids
  • Creation of commissions and commission sessions
  • Checking of estimated value of tender
  • Import of documents and items into a tender
  • Adaptation of user rights to organisational structure
  • Unlimited number of promoters, administrators and commission members
  • Unlimited number of bidders, items and sessions in one tender
  • Unlimited number of attachments
  • Connectivity with PROEBIZ eAuction system
  • Email notifications
  • Everything recorded in history log and archived
  • Correction of unintentional numerical bidding errors
  • Dynamic Purchase System
  • Collation of internal requirements and specifications for the content of a public tender
  • Process of management and approval of requirements for the content of a public tender
  • Process of electronic communication in accordance with the law on public procurement
  • Recording and archiving of tenders in accordance with statutory deadlines
  • Creation of new tenders (diverse range of types and procedures)
  • System templates (documents) which can be adapted according to needs
  • Option to submit bids in parts including carrying out electronic auctions in parts (displaying order)
  • Identification and authentication of participants
  • Option to create document archive for each tender
  • “Auditing Approach” to performing checks
  • Variety of evaluation settings – total price or other calculations (weightings, customised templates)
  • Electronic publication of a public tenders
  • Record of each tender
  • Filtered and full-text search of tenders
  • Creation of new tenders in accordance with the relevant legislation and type of contract
  • Unlimited number of tenders
  • Complete archiving of tenders in one file (ZIP archive)
  • Option to award a tender in parts
  • Monitoring by system of deadlines
  • Option to use PROEBIZ electronic auctions including permanent connection to PROEBIZ system

Public contracting authorities can register for a two-month
free trial of JOSEPHINE

Try out the benefits of JOSEPHINE for two months for free. The trial is non-binding and includes all features and full user support.

The system is completely free of charge for all participants and bidders.

With the trial version you will get:

All software features for two months for free

Unlimited number and scale of tenders

Unlimited number of users

Full assistance from our user-support team

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