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Digitalizácia vozového parku, systém plánovania zvozu a elektronickej evidencie a potvrdzovania výsypov

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26.08.2022 16:12:41
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Answer to request for clarification no. 1 (ENG version)

Good day,

On the basis of a question from one of the interested parties, I hereby take the liberty of sending you an explanation of the documents in the framework of the preparatory market consultations "Digitalization of the vehicle fleet, a system for planning collection and electronic registration and confirmation of discharges".

Interested party's question:

Kindly tell where should be submitted the form for signing up for preparatory market consultations. Whether it should be attached here at the Josephine portal or sent via email?

Answer provided by the contracting authority:

The registration form for preparatory market consultations must be submitted through the JOSEPHINE portal.

It also applies that any questions from interested parties and all other communication must take place using the JOSEPHINE portal.

Notice to all interested parties:

In addition to submitting the form for signing up for the preparatory market consultations (an attachment to this message), the public contracting authority requires that every registered candidate also fill in the form available at this link within the deadline for signing up for the first round of these preparatory market consultations: